Dette er ein gamal versjon av Digitalarkivet. Denne nettsida vil vera tilgjengeleg fram til tilsvarande funksjonalitet er etablert på dei nye nettsidene til Digitalarkivet. Data i dette grensesnittet blir ikkje oppdatert, og nye data blir ikkje publiserte her. Gå til for oppdaterte og nye data.

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The 1865 census in the Digital Archive

The 1865 Census

Please read these pages:
About the 1865 Census | Special signs used in the census | Abbreviations | Lacunas

On the top of this page you find a search engine for the entire 1865 census. You start searching on one variable, and narrow the search down by searching on other variables. The help page is very useful for the global search.

If you know which parish/municipality you want to search in, select the appropriate county from the list to the left.

An agreement has been reached with the Norwegian Historical Data Centre on exchanging census material. Their material is now accessible in the Digital Archive, the same way our material is accessible at their pages.

Last updated: May 24, 2002

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